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5 Basic Gardening Equipment

Gardening is a fun activity cum hobby that relaxes a person by relieving stress. In the present world, people have started taking house gardening, kitchen gardening, and planting seriously. Which ultimately led to the increase in the demand for the gardening equipment market. For gardening, a variety of tools are required depending on your gardening type, whether you are doing potted gardening or full gardening. The process of planting trees helps you relax, cherish its flowers and fruits, and helps lead a sustainable life. In this blog, let us understand the requirements of basic garden equipment.

Trowel & Spade

A stainless-steel handheld equipment with a wooden or plastic handle is an essential part of all types of gardening. It has multiple use like digging, mixing, transferring soil, removing unnecessary weeds, etc. You have many shapes and sizes of a trowel in the global gardening equipment market. Opt for the one that suits your gardening type and size. A spade is basically a mini version of a trowel but with a rectangular blade. It’s usually used for digging purposes. As with these blades, the process becomes easy compared to that of the bowl-shaped shovel. It slices the soil and roots easily. Spade and trowels are complimentary gardening equipment.

Bow Rake & Hand Rake

Bow rakes are associated as leaf gathering equipment, basically a garden cleaning tool. It’s stainless studier steel with a Rakes. Bow rakes are not limited to leaf gathering and can be used for multiple purposes like weeding, spreading fertilizers, leveling soil, etc. A hand rake is a mini version of a bow rake used for smaller areas and small processes. In the global garden equipment market, hand rakes are available in various sizes and types. When working with a hand rake, the person needs to use multiple types of rake used for different purpose like:

· Light duty hand rakes for clearing leaf and cleaning process.

· Stiff tine hand rake for heavy duties like breaking.


A flat end tool made up of stainless steel usually used for soil-related processes is known as a hoe. In the global garden equipment market, we get various hoe as it is a classic garden tool. It’s a handy tool used for shaping soil, shallow trenching, and digging.


In a gardening process, cutting, trimming, and shaping plays an important role. And pruning shear is the tool used for this purpose. Many people even try to break the branches, stems and leaves using their hands even in the present world. It is not an option to be considered as breaking branches with hand leads to more significant damage to the plants. Pruning shears are specially designed gardening scissors. It easily cuts 2.5inch of small branches and twigs.

Bow Saw

Bow saws are saw blades used for cutting thicker and bigger branches, usually more than 6 inches. For below 6-inch plant lopper, a version of pruning shear is used. Things that a looper cannot handle can be easily cut down using a bow saw. It has sharp coarse teeth that make the process easy.

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