5 Unexpected Ways of Using Vanilla Essence.

Whenever we hear the word Vanilla essence, the first and the foremost thing that comes to our mind is DESERT. And the only validation in our mind for vanilla extract or essence is that its only used for baking. However, surprisingly there are plenty of ways to incorporate the delicious taste of vanilla essence outside the baking world. 

Vanilla essence is the magical creation of vanilla beans, alcohol, and water. It is rich in flavor; hence it can dominate the food’s taste if not used properly. Surprisingly, vanilla essence usage has no particular limitation; one can use it in their smoothie or even to their meat. It just enhances the taste and fragrance of your food. In the global vanilla essence market, we come across two types of vanilla extract. The one which is pure and organic, whereas the other one is synthetic, processed flavor. Using either one has no particular harm but if the vanilla extract has a major role in your dish, opt for pure vanilla extract. Before buying the product, make sure to have a quality check as it can bake, make, or break your dish.

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Here are the top 5 Secretive Ways of Using Vanilla Essence:


Smoothies are the healthy drinks that we include in our diets for a healthy lifestyle. However, the taste of some of the smoothies won’t tempt our taste buds. Here the game-changing role can be played by Vanilla extract as the rich flavors in it will make any smoothie a tempting delicious drink. The best combination of vanilla essence is with banana and almond butter, yogurt shakes. Adding it to your green veggie smoothie will make the drink worth drinking. 

Savory Sauces.

Sauces are usually used in savor dishes, and vanilla extract enhances any sauce’s taste and flavor. Vanilla essence is the secret player of any professional chef. It brings out rich flavors and doesn’t overpower any other ingredients. 


Cocktails are a new trendsetter in the drinks sector. Vanilla essence plays a vital role in cocktail mixology. As, it has the power to add luscious flavor to drinks. It also blends in easily with any strong or mild flavors without spoiling the drink’s taste and flavors. Vanilla extract can be added to whiskey, rum, or vodka. 


As we now know that vanilla essence enhances the taste of any dish. But the best part is that it is an amazing ingredient for your non-vegetarian treats. Adding vanilla extract to your pork, chicken, lamb, mutton, or beef will seal the moisture making the meat juicy and luscious with taste. However, this essences of vanilla was used for grilling and barbeque glazes for ages.

Your Perfect Coffee Mate

Vanilla Latte is a perfect drink but, the coffee shops or brewers house usually use vanilla syrup, which adds extra sweetness spoiling the natural vanilla taste. So here is a simple tip for all vanilla lovers. Just add a splash of vanilla extract to your coffee mug and blend it perfectly—no need to add in extra sweeteners. And here is your perfect mug of vanilla coffee, late ready. Its just the perfect way of cutting the extra carbs from your diet.

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