4 Bewildering Eyeliner Tips

Applying a perfect eyeliner is an art, but this needs patience and will take time like any other art. However, all these efforts will pay off as eyeliner is one such makeup essential involved in every fashion trend. Eyeliner is a significant part of bold, traditional, subtle, vintage, and modern looks. It helps you play with your imaginations. As it can turn your looks from zero to 10, make your eyes look wide awake to seductive and smoky.

Here is six tips to help you make your experience of learning an amazing journey.

Select Your Perfect Eyeliner From Liquid, Pencil, and Gel.

In this 21st century, we have ample choice for even eyeliner from various brands, technologies, types of liners to the permanent solution tattoo liners. Each of these has different results. Hence, it is crucial to understand each of these techniques and opt and invest in the one that suits your needs.

However, when talking about basic eyeliner, there are three main simple types to consider Liquid, Pencil, and Gel. Their application style, affect, look everything difference.

Let s Know About These Basic Types:

  • Liquid – when we talk about eyeliners liquid liners, is one of the oldest methods we still prefer using. As it gives precise, sharp edges and lines. But using liquid liners is not an easy task as it gets quite messier, and you definitely need a steady hand for using liquid liner.
  • Pencil – One of the simplest, easiest, and mess-free methods of applying eyeliner is using pencil liners. It helps you create your desired look from thick to thin as it’s just easy as using a pencil. Pencil eyeliners are highly recommended when one wants to play with Smokey and smudged look.
  • Gel – Gel liners are one of the latest trending types of liners. One can select a gel liner brush or pen. However, it requires a steady hand, just like the liquid liner and it’s not mess free but is better than a liquid liner. It has a creamy texture.

As we have ample choice in the makeup industry and each differs from one another, it’s always better to try all of it and decide on what is best for you.

Cotton Swabs is Your Only Friend When it Comes to Eyeliner Application.

Be it an eyeliner pro or a beginner, every girl might have this worst experience wherein their eyeliner messes up at the awful time. And eyeliner mess is an inevitable part of any makeup artist’s life. But no worries, as using a cotton swab, you can twirl the incorrect portion without ruining the rest of the make. There are various options, from sterilized water, makeup remover to cotton wet wipes. Hence cotton is your only considerable friend when it comes to eyeliners.

Play with Colors

When it comes to basic makeup, we all tend to pick up our go-to’s. But we should actually stop this and start experimenting with colors. Definitely black, white, and nudes are your best collection but try out on all the options in the market as you never know which color will naturally enhance your eyes. 

Wider Eye Frame

No makeup look is the trendsetter on all social media apps. But for this look, you need to enhance your eyes by mimicking the natural waterline. This can be simply done by using nude or white liner. One can also opt for champagne, metallic, rose gold, etc. As all the light shades help emphasize your eye, making them look bigger.

Eyeliner is an art worth mastering in as it’s a major part of our makeup product that we would use for years. Eyeliner will help you play and enhance your eye makeup.

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