A New Business Essential – Valve Bags

Valve bags are the most convenient way of carrying granular products leading to the growth and demand for valve bags globally. Valve bags are also known as valve sacks in many parts of the country.

They are designed to increase the speed of filling of products which gradually improves operational efficiency and profitability for the company. These major factors boost the global market.

One of the best attributes of valve bags is that it decreases the use of plastic which is a major factor in fueling the global market growth over the forecasted period.

Valve sacks are made from paper, extruded plastic (LDPE), raffia or woven polypropylene, etc. Optimum usage is of the valve bags that can hold 20 to 100 pounds. Valve bags are usually used for filling products from fine powders like cement, plastic polymers, crumb rubber, and granular foodstuffs such as sugar, rice.


Valve bags or valve sacks are packaging bags filled by machines. They come in various forms. The three major things to consider are size, closure type, and coating.

A report on Global Valve Bag Market has forecasted to grow during the period 2020-2025 due to coronavirus situation due to its accessibility and safety.


Valve bagging is a bag filled by using a specialized machine. The machine uses a spout placed in the bag leading to zero contact. A precalculated amount is placed in each bag as per the given inputs. It can be used in a fully automated or semi-automated manner leading to consistency in quantity and minimizes the loss of product.

There are numerous benefits to these machines and span multiple industries. One of the best things is the volume of bags that can be filled and closed per hour. The output is notably higher.

The cost of the machine is quickly covered and a return on investment is recognized very soon by the businesses converting to this method often find.

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