Author: Manoj Shinde

India is the New Hub of Activity for Adventure Tourism

India has opened its market to a new economic boom by enabling and restructuring its Adventure Tourism Market. The natural variance in the terrains of the subcontinent of India enables several types of Adventure Tourism including sports. The 500 Billion worldwide Industries are growing at a rapid 18% rate year on year and India has […]

How to Choose a Shearing Machine?

A piece of industrial equipment with blades and rotary disk used for cutting iron sheets and other metals is known as a shearing machine. Shear means to cut into parts. Using a similar mechanism a shearing machine is built. The shear machine technique has fixed upper and lower blade and an adjustable clearance. Based on […]

How can a Tiny Silica Gel Packet be Used?

Silica gel is a desiccate; it adsorbs and holds moisture, not absorb it adsorbs. It collects moisture on its surface. Silica gel, when observed under a microscope, has very tiny pores that allocate moisture. Silica gel is an amorphous and porous form of silica dioxide. One tiny silica ball has a capacity of 40% water […]

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