Author: Poojan Dogra

The Basic Necessity of 2020 – Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are saviors of 2020. Nowadays you have access to hand sanitizers everywhere. It was launched in 1990; however, the credibility of hand sanitizers has always been in question. Sanitizers have alcohol content making them effective for killing germs, but it doesn’t eliminate all germs. If compared with soap and water, hand sanitizer is […]

Breaking the Gluten Free Weight Loss Myth

Gluten sensitivity is not taken seriously in India even though people suffer from this acute allergy. They remain aloof of its symptoms. This is because Indians have no or little knowledge. It is a harsh truth that people with actual allergy from gluten have to suffer so much due to lack of knowledge. However, nowadays […]

How Effective is Online Education?

Education is a boon to humans it is a path that gives us guidance to live life. It is the power to think efficiently and bring about sustainable changes. Education means information, which can either grow with age or originate from discovery. We live in a competitive world; education is the only way to sustain […]

Is the COVID-19 Vaccine a Political Gimmick?

The world has been under siege since the Coronavirus onset in November’19. It is a fatal contagion and as of 8 December 2020 there are 67,210,778 confirmed cases with a death toll at 1,540,777. Resource : WHO No vaccine or medicine has proven to be 100% efficient. All the countries around the world are chasing […]

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