Basic First Aid Knowledge

Having basic knowledge of every sector is of crucial importance in the present world. As nothing is certain, it takes just seconds for things to change upside down. No one can control these situations; however, one can tackle them or be prepared to face and minimize the risk. Think of a road accident, natural calamities, or even a simple fall while walking. Each of these actions can cause a certain level of danger to our lives, but the one who has a basic knowledge of first aid can take up immediate action and minimize the risk caused by any of it. Every school, college, and organization introduces first aid or wound management programs. It is very much important to understand basic medical situations. As it not just helps you save yourself, but at times you can also save others. First aid and wound management are similar concepts. Let’s just understand it in-depth.

A First-Aid Program Includes:

Situation Management:

The first aid program makes people aware of the various situations and how they should be under such pressure. The person should be calm enough to handle the injured along with the messed-up crowd or situation. People might think this step is utter nonsense as an injured person needs immediate care. However, a research study has shown that reassurance supports the wounded person and calms their blood pressure, keeps them in consciousness, etc.

Immediate Action:

The first aid program has some theory, and one of it is to ‘Preserving Life.’ A person with basic first aid knowledge can help themselves and help other people who are in danger. Many a times, quick responses on an accident site can save lives. However, there is a certain level of fear among the people as if something wrong happens; it will be their mistake. But the government of India has proclaimed that a person trying to help someone would not be under any pressure. If someone needs help, either from an injury or sickness, you shouldn’t hesitate to help if possible.

Getting Help:

First aid programs and almost every government-organized program and message try to send out the emergency number like police, fire brigades, ambulance, etc. People who really want help or wish to help someone else can get expert help immediately.

Basic Treatment:

To have control over the situation and to minimize the risk, its always better to take immediate actions. A first-aid program trains you in a way wherein you can help stabilize the situation. It includes the following treatments: 

  • Consciousness check
  • Airway opening process
  • Check to breathe.
  • Follow airway.
  • CPR.
  • Stop bleeding, if any.
  • Manage the wound.

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