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Does Packaging Plays a Vital Role in Wristwatch Market?

Today the global wristwatch market is flourishing at a very fast phase. With this, the packaging industry is also in high demand. Initially, packaging was just for protection to the watch, and the people had no concern about the presentation. But today, the total value of the watch includes and increases based on its packaging. […]

5 Unexpected Ways of Using Vanilla Essence.

Whenever we hear the word Vanilla essence, the first and the foremost thing that comes to our mind is DESERT. And the only validation in our mind for vanilla extract or essence is that its only used for baking. However, surprisingly there are plenty of ways to incorporate the delicious taste of vanilla essence outside […]

Top Secrets of Amaranth oil

Its 2021, and we are at that stage of life where everyone is concerned about themselves. From there, health, skin, hair, body, face to features. There are no particular age or gender for selfcare. People have started being selective about their choices. Further, increasing the market demand for organic products. One such product which is […]

How can a Tiny Silica Gel Packet be Used?

Silica gel is a desiccate; it adsorbs and holds moisture, not absorb it adsorbs. It collects moisture on its surface. Silica gel, when observed under a microscope, has very tiny pores that allocate moisture. Silica gel is an amorphous and porous form of silica dioxide. One tiny silica ball has a capacity of 40% water […]

Ammonium Hydrogen Fluoride in Manufacturing

NH4HF2 is the chemical component of Ammonium hydrogen fluoride. It is been used in metal surface treatment, aluminium anodization, manufacture of wood preservation, building protection, natural gas/ mineral oil drilling, glass processing, cleaning of industrial plants and electronic industry. In the Global Ammonium hydrogen fluoride industry, fluorine and inorganic compounds play a major role. They […]

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