Does Organic Seeds Really Helps Safe Guard the Nature?

Organic gardening can only be practiced using organic seeds. In the global organic seed market, we have many options to select from. Organic seeds need to be certified. So, does that mean, certification for even a small seeds? Yes, the government around the world have set up a particular criterion about what it means to grow organically. Only after following these established guidelines can a farm or agricultural producers can produce organic seeds.  

What are Organic Seeds?

Organic seeds are seeds grown on plants with no use of chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. These organic seeds have a distinct legal approach. As for growing organic seeds, proper certification is compulsory under the legal body of that country. And for the approval of the certification, the farmer or the producers must follow norms as specified by the department. While talking about seeds, we have many choices like Open-Pollinated Seeds, Heirloom Seeds, Hybrid Seeds, GMO seeds and Organic. 

Organic Farming can Help Improving:

  • Soil quality
  • Underground water
  • Air and climatic changes
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecological services
  • Sustainability.

Farmers Choosing Nature by Going Organic.

Organic farming is a difficult process. And a person with high dedication can only perform this task. However, the ease of adaption to any weather or system follows organics farming. In a conventional farming synthetics, chemicals and pesticides are part and partial of farming. Where as its not the same with organic farming. The major challenges before organic farming is dealing with the pests, diseases and the nutrition’s.

The methods of organic farming help decreasing the use of non-renewable energy. The production of agrochemical will reduce. Organic farming also has the ability to absorb the carbon in the soil. Which will futher have impact on greenhouse effects and global warming. So, the impact of organic farming on the world is very beneficial. Using organic method will help safe guard the nature. And that is the major reason behind many farmers opting for organic seeds.

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Is Opting for Organic Seeds a Step Towards Sustainable Agriculture?

In today’s world, we believe in lifestyles more than the environment. With evolution all across the globe, each sector is developed or under development. Technological advancement is a supporting factor for evolution. It has introduced the modern era of agriculture. Here, the process of farming is made easy using fertilizers, pesticides, etc. But the quality, however, has been degrading since the advancement. Pollution in the agricultural system is increasing each passing day. The aim behind farming has changed from cultivation to maximum profit. These are some existing problems, and organic farming is the only way to solve this. Organic farming is environment friendly. As no chemicals are used at any stage of production. This crop cultivation is based on organic resources. It means plants and animal wastes are the organic fertilizers as they are rich in nutrients. This also enhances the soil.

Reasons Why Organic Farming Should take Place:

Organic farming is an aged old agricultural approach with zero harm to nature. And in today’s time, organic farming is highly in demand as it helps environmental sustainability.

  • Organic farming or organic seeds gives yield stability.
  • It improves soil health as there are no added chemicals.
  • Organic farming sets you free from environmental concerns.
  • Organic farming = organic food.
  • The introduction of organic framing led to the reduction in the use of synthesized fertilizers.

Organic farming = environmental balance =sustainable development = healthy food = healthy life.

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