Does Packaging Plays a Vital Role in Wristwatch Market?

Today the global wristwatch market is flourishing at a very fast phase. With this, the packaging industry is also in high demand. Initially, packaging was just for protection to the watch, and the people had no concern about the presentation. But today, the total value of the watch includes and increases based on its packaging. People’s preference has changed drastically today; they prefer getting things online rather than going to shops or showrooms. Hence packing and presentation have an essential role in the global wristwatch market. 

Various Types of Wristwatch Packaging:

Plain Wrapping: 

It’s the oldest and the cheapest packaging available for the wristwatches market. Basically, it’s a cardboard and craft paper-based box. The procedure for the production of this box is simple. However, according to the current market demand, the quality of plain wrapping is not good. Hence in the present wristwatch packaging market, there is not much requirement for Plain wrapping. 

Plastic Box:  

Plastic came into action in the packaging field as the plain wrapping didn’t provide much protection. There are two types of boxes for plastic-based packaging. One plain plastic box with various colors and patterns. The second type of box is much more firm, and over this box, there is a covering of textured paper, cloth, and leather. This type of box packaging is foreskin gift boxes usually used for gifting purposes. Today, producers and retailers use this type of packaging for better presentation at a reasonable price.

Acrylic Box:

This box was invented for a better presentation purpose. The acrylic box is also known as transparent packaging; it plays a vital role for display purposes. Acrylic boxes give access to the watch display, appearance, characteristics, and style. Visual effects do play a significant role. This boxes are comparatively expensive than plain wrapping and plastic boxes.

Wooden Box: 

One of the most expensive wristwatch packaging’s in the global wristwatch market is a wooden box. High-end brands usually use it as they want a global presentation value. There are two types of wooden packaging based on the quality and type of wood used. One is MDF wood, and the other one is solid wood.

Duplex Box: 

This is basically a packaging used for adding a luxury look and feel to your wristwatch or brand. A duplex box is basically using an outer cover to your box. Usually, this type of packaging is used by high-end brands. The duplex box is expensive. It has a particular parameter based on the style, color, and quality of the packaging. The duplex box usually use a wooden box or acrylic box.

Gift Box: 

Almost every brand in the present world puts customer need on top hence provide every possible edge to their customer. Today the ongoing trend in the market is providing a customized touch to their products and packaging. The gift box is specialized and, to some extend, customized packaging. These boxes are available based on your budget. One can get a cardboard-based box or even a wooden box. It depends on the customer’s needs and budget.

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