Five Tips for Travellers Post COVID

Travelling is a leisure enjoyed by almost anyone and everyone. There are no specification or limitations however, some factors that might affect travelling is once financial situation, climatic conditions, natural disasters etc. But in the market sector travel and tourism sector is growing at a faster phase as the government of each country is putting in efforts to develop their tourism sector. However, due to this new pandemic COVID 19 a total full stop was put up on travelling. And one of the biggest crises was faced by the tourism sector. Talking specifically about Indian tourism sector During the COVID-19 period of 2020 was equivalent to any nightmare for Indian tourism sector. As India is a developing country, but still stands a position in tourism sector due to its vivid cultural diversity, festivals, natural beauty etc.

From north to south and east to west you will find differences in language, attire, cuisines, climate, cultures and values however where ever you go people welcome you with warm hearts. As the unlock down process started the tourism sector started functioning even better. But there are certain strict rules and regulations that needs to be followed. The tourism ministry has set up the guidelines and protocols for both the travellers and the hotels. Social distancing still is of major concern hence hotels and tourist spots needs to be managed with adequate safety measure. Sanitization, temperature check and COVID-19 testing centres need to be set up by that particular hotels and state tourism sector.

A proper meeting was set up among the various hotel associations like Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ficci), Hotel Association of India (HAI) and Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) and the Indian tourism ministry before starting with the post COVID-19 tourism department.

5 tips for travellers post COVID:

List out proper plan:

It is of great importance that you have a proper drafted plan as post covid many places are still recovering and last movement booking won’t help.  Be it for your travel, stay or local visits.

Essential kit:

Corona virus has not yet come to a full stop hence its still a concern to be safe and hygienic. In general, there are 4 things you should consider carrying along as they are essentials.

  • Sanitizer with more than 70% alcohol base.
  • Disinfectant wipes and tissues.
  • Face mask (preferably go for a cotton mask that covers your nose and mouth with proper fit)
  • Basic first aid tablets like dolo 650, crocin etc for fever, pains and cough and cold.

The above items will help you stay safe and hygienic throughout your travel.

Think before you touch

Stayingalert throughout the travel will obviously keep you away from the risk of getting infected. Think before you touch any public property as the virus can stay on products for a certain time. Use disinfectors or sanitizer before touch anything.

Stay away

Avoid crowded places as you cannot maintain the guideline of 6-meter distance at a crowded spot. Staying away from crowd will be equivalent to staying away from any infections. This thumb rule will lead to least contact with outside crowd or people.

Prior booking Along with the safety check:

Prior booking of travel and hotel should be made as there would be no last minute option available and this could lead to worst situation. Hence prior booking is recommended. Go through the guidelines of the hotels you book so that you understand the safety measures taken by them and how much concern are they about their guests.

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