Have you Ever Thought Why Our Body Requires Magnesium?

Before understanding the concept of magnesium, let’s know a fact that in the present world. Magnesium is one of the most plenteous minerals in a human body. But still, there is a large percentage of people with magnesium deficiency. So, it is essential to understand what is magnesium? It is basically a simple mineral component used by our body for its day to day normal functioning. And has a major involvement in DNA formation and controls over more than 600 cellular reactions of our body. It monitors and maintains our heart health, bone health, and blood sugar. And if our body lags the minimum recommended magnesium, it can cause many negative impacts on your health.

Mostly your body gains magnesium from the daily intake of food and drinks in your diet. However, there are many people whose bodily function does not work efficiently; then their physician will recommend magnesium supplements. Leading to which the global Magnesium market is flourishing. Here in this blog, I have tried covering what is magnesium and 5 significant role that it plays in our health.

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5 Significant Role That Magnesium Plays in Our Health:

Fighting Depression

Depression is a factor which is widely spread around the world. According to a study, one in every five people is facing depression. However, it’s been analyzed and forecasted that more than clinical depression can be based on the deficiency of magnesium in our body. As it has a crucial role in the functioning of the human brain. It also has control over our mood and to a certain level of emotional balance. High magnesium food can also act as an antidepressant. Hence usually people facing depression or those who are sad usually have chocolate, and that really works.


Inflammation is the reason behind aging, obesity, along various chronic diseases. And deficiency of magnesium leads to inflammation followed by many other negative health impacts. There was a study in which it became evident that magnesium deficiency affects not only chronic health but also blood sugar value, spiking of insulins, triglyceride, etc. The magnesium-rich food source has the power to reduce inflammation and act as an anti-inflammatory substance.

Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is commonly found in mid to old age people. There are two types of diabetes: heredity and the other caused by the hike in blood sugar level. Its classification is done as type1 and types 2 diabetes. Various studies have been conducted on type two diabetics, and its seen that people with a deficiency of magnesium in their body have type 2 diabetics. It is found that magnesium has control over the insulins and blood sugar level. Adding natural magnesium-rich food to our diet will 70-90% lead to stable blood sugar level. However, supplements won’t work the same. 

Controls Blood Pressure

Blood pressure basically depends on two things: intake of salt, and the other factor that cannot be ignored is TENSION. So the measuring factor of blood pressure is has a set division as systolic and diastolic. However, studies have shown that the magnesium component plays a significant role in controlling blood pressure. But this change is only noticed in people with high blood pressure. If a person with normal BP consumes magnesium, there is no fluctuation.

Prevents Migraines

A neurological condition wherein one gets severe headaches, nausea, sound sensitivity, vomiting, etc., is Migraine. It is a hereditary disease and affects all age groups equally. There are specific medications for migraines; however, researchers have found that magnesium has a commendable control over a migraine. Most migraine patients have a deficiency of magnesium in their body. And in a recent study, it was seen that acute migraine could be efficient treated with a gram of magnesium. Hence doctors usually suggest migraine patience to increase magnesium-rich food in your diet.

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