Is Aluminium Foil a Reason Behind Alzheimer’s?

Aluminum foil is a part of our kitchen product as it is commonly used in cooking and wrapping food. But the main question that arises is that is it safe to use? As there are many claims that aluminum foil is used for cooking, it can lead to health-related risks. So let’s understand what this aluminum foil is all about? Is there any risk? And how can it be used more safely?

Aluminum Foil:

Aluminum foils are thin aluminum sheets made by processing aluminum metal. This sheet’s thickness is 0.2 mm, which is why it is also known as paper-thin aluminum. The process of making aluminum foil includes large rolling slabs. These aluminum foils are versatile as it’s not just meant for the kitchen purposes. It’s used for various purposes, from packing, cooking insulation to transportation.

Aluminum foils help keep the food and meats fresh without losing its natural moisture. Hence it’s used in barbeque for both vegetables and fruits.

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What is Aluminum?

Aluminum is a component that is available everywhere, from soil, air, water, and even a small amount in our food consumption. And some foods absorb and accumulate aluminum, i.e., Mushrooms, radishes, and tea leaves. A higher amount of aluminum is found in the processed food compared to home-cooked food. Hence it’s evident that our body can accumulate a certain amount of aluminum intake. However, the source of aluminum in a human body is categorized into four ways.

Soil: the presence of aluminum in the soil on which the vegetables and fruits are grown will help you understand the presence of aluminum in that fruit or vegetable. As they use, the nutrition’s from the soil.

Additives: for processed food, many additives are used as a food color, tastemakers, and all these also contain aluminum.

The food’s capacity: the amount of aluminum in a portion of food also depends on that particular food’s absorption level. 

Packaging:  If aluminum utensils or foil is used for cooking or packing food.

Our body gains aluminum that it requires from the foods or medication it absorbs a minimal amount, and the rest is passed out through urine. However, the aluminum that gets into our body through external processed sources such as aluminum foil will lead to health-related risks as our body cannot easily process it.

Can High Use of Foil Lead to Alzheimer’s?

Exposure to aluminum through food and cooking is considered safe as our body can excrete this amount of aluminum from our body. However, many studies are going on as aluminum is considered a potential factor leading to Alzheimer’s. It is a disease wherein our brain cells get damaged. The cause of Alzheimer’s is not yet revealed. But its seen that a high level of aluminum component is found in the brain of Alzheimer patients. Its not yet clear wheather the dietary aluminum leads to risk. Hence aluminum foil has no particular danger tag attached to it. But it will contribute aluminum component to your diet, but its minimal basically insignificant amount. So avoiding aluminum foil is not necessary.

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