Is it Safe to Consume Processed Meat?

We want everything easily as we consider it luxury. But take a minute and think: is it luxury in the true sense? No, not really it definitely makes life easy and effortless. But this lifestyle will end up as a major health issue. It is directly affecting our body and mind. One such product with high market demand is Processed Meat.

What is Processed Meat, and Why is it Highly in Demand?

Meats that are given shelf life are known as Processed Meat. Here the meat undergoes proper processing by adding salts, chemicals, preservatives, smokes etc. Processed meats are sausages, veined sausages, hot dogs, bacons, canned meats and cured meats. We get processed meat of both red and white meat.

The demand for these processed meats is increasing. As they are ready to cook, convenient, and tastes amazing. From turkey sandwiches, bacon to grilled hotdogs. Consuming this meat saves time; it’s handy and needs no pre-or post-preparation at all. And when compared with today’s market trend, these meats are affordable too.

How and When did the Matter of Concern for Processed Meat Arise? 

We all have heard this quote “everything that glitter is not gold” the same goes with the food we consume. “Every tasty food won’t be healthy.” Sausages, hot dogs, bacon, and any processed meat is undeniably tasty. But alongside simply, it’s not at all healthy. These meats undergoes processing and are high in sodium, fat and preservative. All these directly lead to a high risk of obesity, cholesterol and heart disease. However, these processed meats are considered traditional American food. So, the demand for these is high in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Europe etc.

 A study was conducted by (IARC)- International Agency for Research on Cancer. It is a part of the WHO- world health organization. So, in 2015 (IARC) proclaimed processed meat as– carcinogen. What is this Carcinogen? It is a substance that promotes the build of cancer in living tissues. It has the capacity to damage the genome, which is a cellular metabolic state in our body.

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What Proclamation was Made by the WHO About Processed Meat?

IARC proclaims that this meat increases the risk of colon cancer and even promotes other cancers. Alongside there are some other studies that prove processed meat has even contributed to increased heart disease and diabetics. Although, these dangerous diseases only shall haunt you if you are addicted to processed meats. A minimal quantity of anything won’t harm your body.

There is evidence that proves that people who consume these meats on a daily basis are highly exposed to chronic disease. However, consuming it once or twice a month will not show any such harm.

Actions to be Taken From your End:

Go through the label of your meat pack and avoid the following:

  • Avoid Hema, which is a pigment in red meat.
  • The freshness of this packed and processed meat is maintained by adding Nitrates. Hence, it is a harmful chemical for our body.
  •  Processed meat is cooked at a very high temperature to give it a good shelf life. Which further leads to the production of heterocyclic amines. And it is again a harmful chemical to human bodies.
  • All of these are proven to be harmful. They damage your cells of the rectum.
  • The risk of cancer also increases based on the above things present in processed meat.

Start opting for alternatives or best go with fresh meats. You are living in the 21st century and are obviously spoiled with options. Just look around find new combinations that mingle with your taste buds. Some of the major tips are: start using grilled chicken, eggs, beans and veggies. Start avoiding deli, bacon, hot dogs etc.

Your heath your choices.

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