Is the COVID-19 Vaccine a Political Gimmick?

The world has been under siege since the Coronavirus onset in November’19. It is a fatal contagion and as of 8 December 2020 there are 67,210,778 confirmed cases with a death toll at 1,540,777. Resource : WHO

No vaccine or medicine has proven to be 100% efficient. All the countries around the world are chasing each other to discover a Covid-19 vaccine. Many vaccines are undergoing second and third stage testing. Only Pfizer-BioNTech has cleared all three testing stages achieving the first authorization for Covid-19 vaccine. However, it is only considered to be 90-95% effective. On 8th Dec’20, Britain started its ‘CoronaVirus Mass Vaccine Campaign’.

Albert Bourla, the chief executive of Pfizer at a press meet said he knows that the process of vaccine is on a speedy track. He also claimed that people are confused about what to believe as the discussion of the vaccine is more on a political basis rather than scientific.

Coronavirus was neglected by President Donald Trump and this led him towards a loss in the recent US elections. It is a rat race of countries for being the first one to launch the vaccine. This launch will increase a country’s credibility and earn fame worldwide.

However, Bourla assured that the companies have tried their level best to provide only tested and effective medicine for worldwide distribution. It is better to have something to stop the spread of Covid 19 and control the increasing number.

COVID 19 is a deadly pandemic and using it for political benefit is wrong. This is causing disturbance and trust issues amongst the people and healthcare organizations working 24X7 for a cure.

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