How to Choose a Shearing Machine?

A piece of industrial equipment with blades and rotary disk used for cutting iron sheets and other metals is known as a shearing machine. Shear means to cut into parts. Using a similar mechanism a shearing machine is built. The shear machine technique has fixed upper and lower blade and an adjustable clearance. Based on the blade size, shape, and blade type, the linear shearing machine is categorized.

Types of Shearing Machines:

  • Power shear – a shearing machine which is powered by electricity is used for shearing large metals. Power shear has no size restriction. Hydraulics power can also be used for cutting metals, it is better for transport.
  • Bench shear – it got its name because the machine is placed on a bench for increasing its impact. It is mainly used for mid-sized metals. There are small bench shears available used for smaller and precise cuts that are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Throat shear – for complex cuts and shapes throat shear is used. It is a flexible machine as the metal can be moved freely.
  • Guillotine shear – this machine is powered by the hand or the legs it can only be run on electric power for a minimal time. The metal is cramped beforehand to make the guillotine shear process easy.

What is a Hydraulic Shearing Machine?

The hydraulic shearing machine works on a very effective and simplified operating mechanism. It consists of welded steel, hydraulic transmitters, and accumulators. With the system of adjusting the gap, it helps to align shadow light. This machine also includes digital display through which stock positioning along with back gauging. It also displays shear counts.

A guillotine shearing machine is another example of a hydraulic shearing machine consisting of resistant steel robust and welded structure.

Hydraulic Shearing Machines Over Others:

  • Hydraulic shearing machine is widely used in factories as it is the fastest and easiest machine to cut metals in bulk. It gives an accurate shape.
  • Hydraulic shears are cost-effective as compared to other models as they do not require high maintenance.
  • Mechanical shearing machines and hydraulic shears apply the same pressure. It is a compact machine which also saves space.
  • Hydraulic shearing machines come in a variety. It ensures smooth and precise 90-degree cuts. 

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