Six Things to Know Before Installing Car Speakers System

Music has the power to heal and calm people down. Long drive with music is one of the best therapies of human life. According to a global automotive market research study, there are over 1 billion cars around the world. Nowadays car is no more a luxury; it is a basic necessity of each family. People have their own preference for all the things they own from houses, to their car, ultimately increasing the market demand for car modifiers specially for car speakers.

The very common modification that takes place is the replacement of car audio speakers. It is an essential part of the car. And can put music back into your life. There are ample car audio systems choices based on brands, budget, woofers, frequency, size, shape, etc. All these have a greater impact on your choice and can easily manipulate it.

Here are Some Basic Things to Keep in Mind While Thinking of Changing Your Car Speakers System.


The aim behind the replacement of the cars audio speakers should be clear. Whether it is just to replace your old blown system, the audio system got corrupted, or you want to install amazing sound quality. This would help your decision further.

Finding a perfect match:

When it comes to car speakers, the first and the foremost thing to keep in mind is Which speakers can fit in your vehicle? The major problem faced during speaker replacement is the modification process. Wherein the speaker selected would not fit in that particular space. It then needs a proper cutting and fitting process. It would act as an add on to the expenses. Always keep in mind to select the perfect match for your vehicle.

High efficiency:

Once you found the perfect audio speakers for your car, there are two key factors sensitivity and power. High sensitivity count is 90db and above that range. These speakers will work efficiently with less power. It is an important factor as the factory radios don’t support high power speakers. Higher efficiency speaker compared to lower efficiency speaker would have more precise and good sound quality. Power is the another factor. Opt for speakers which work on low power watt. There are systems of 2wt to 50 watts RMS in the market. It works better than the system with 10-80 watts.


It is better to go with the largest speaker that fits your vehicle. Many a times multiple speakers can be located on the same place using brackets.  Always go with the larger speakers if given a choice for 5, 5.5 and 6.5 go with 6.5. The larger the speaker sizes, the more efficient it is to provide smooth and deeper sound.


Bigger the tweeter betters the sound. Compared to the smaller tweeter, bigger tweeters blend better with the woofer providing you with the best sound possible. The procedure is High frequency down to the mid-range blending into the woofers. Tweeters are made of various materials soft materials, ploy, silks and textile. Another option is hard materials which are metal, graphite and ceramics. The selection of the material depends on your choice of sound quality and music preferences.

Frequency responses:

 Lowest frequency is the base and the highest frequency is usually used for electric guitars trumpets.  The base of any speaker determines the frequency that it can reproduce. For speakers with the most base, one should select the largest speaker. One can even add external crossovers for a good amp. It helps both low frequency and high frequency. If you are planning for having a high-performance systems try adding external crossovers.

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Best car speakers in the market.

JL Audio C2-650X Evolution Series are known for its best performance.

Pyle Speakers are the best budget-friendly speakers.

JBL GTO Series are highly recommended for mid-range.

BOSS Audio Chaos Exxtreme are full-range speakers and pocket friendly.

Rockford Fosgate Prime are best known for its amplifiers.

Polk Audio db651 has top-quality sound.

Alpine SPS-610 are the best top tier sound system.

Kenwood KFC-1695PS is a quality system with max power.

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