Now Visit Thailand On an Indian Passport in the Pandemic

The novel corona-virus has adversely affected all the sectors including tourism. The country borders are still blocked to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Lock-down is imposed and lifted worldwide as the cases keep fluctuating. This pandemic has damaged the economic stability and brought significant changes in market share, size, and business.

However, since the past few months, lockdowns and restrictions are being relaxed. Many countries have restarted tourism as it is one of the major contributors to a country’s GDP.

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Thailand Welcomes You

The gorgeous country of Thailand is now welcoming visitors from all around the world. It is a popular holiday destination for Indians. To compensate for the downfall in tourism and attract tourists the Thailand government has recently introduced ‘Special Tourist Visa’. It will bring a greater number of visitors as the visa procedure has been cut short.

To visit Thailand, you just need to follow few steps and some rules.

Steps to Follow

  1. The new special tourist visa for Thailand allows you to stay for up to 90 days, and if required, this can be extended up to six months.
  2. This visa will cost you around INR 4,900, i.e., THB 2000.
  3. Substantial funds are a must for qualifying for this tourist visa.
  4. You need to have a minimum of USD 1 lakh as medical and travel insurance.
  5. Your medical cover should include coronavirus along with INR 10 lakh for accidental expenses.
  6. The insurance should cover the initial 90 days validity of the visa expenses.
  7. Before the reservation of hotel rooms, any rental contract should be provided for long-term residence.
  8. Under this new tourist visa, short trips are not allowed.
  9. 14 days of hotel isolation needs to be followed strictly.

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