Top 5 Fact About Your Travel Destination Philippines:

The Philippines is a group of 7000 islands in Southeast Asia. Without a doubt, it’s a marvellous place with beautiful beaches as its surrounded by the pacific ocean. And it’s well known for its delicious fruits. From banana, Chico, dalanghita, duhat, to langka. This place after the king of Spain Mr Phillip ||.

As a traveller, you have ample choice if the Philippines is your destination. The only tricky part is to make a clear decision on where to start from and which all places to cover. Based on culture and religion, the Philippines is divided into three island groups: Luzon, VisayaMindanao.

The Philippines have a range of beautiful mountainous to metropolitan. One can enjoy the Philippines’ beauty from its historical colonial streets of Manila or enjoy the craziness of tarsier monkeys Bohol. The Philippines should be on the top of your travel list if you are a mountain person and love trekking.

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Five Interesting Facts About the Philippines.

· The largest archipelago of the world is in the Philippines. However, out of its 7000+ island, only 5000 is has a distinct identification in the international maps.
· Only nation in the Asia continent with Christian majority is Philippine with 86 per cent Roman Catholic followers. Whereas, all the other countries have a central practice of Buddhism.
· It ranks 13th on the population list of the world with more than 10.81 corer people. And, it has the nickname of “text capital of the world” as the world’s highest text message is sent from here.
· Palawan Sea is where a Filipino driver saw the largest pearl in the world. The weight of this pearl was 75 pounds.
· The best and iconic part of the Philippines is its transportation mode. Jeepney is the typical colourful buses. However, electronic buses will soon replace jeepney.

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