Top Secrets of Amaranth oil

Its 2021, and we are at that stage of life where everyone is concerned about themselves. From there, health, skin, hair, body, face to features. There are no particular age or gender for selfcare. People have started being selective about their choices. Further, increasing the market demand for organic products. One such product which is highly in demand is Amaranth oil. People worldwide use it, but it has high market segment in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, and Africa.

 What Exactly is Amaranth Oil?

Amaranth is a seed which is known as Amaranth grain. It comes in two species, amaranth cruentus, and amaranth hypochondriacs. There is further processing of this seed for extracting Organic oil. It is a clear, lightweight oil with ample benefits. It’s a high source of fatty acid. 

The fatty acid content of this oil is as follow:

  • Linoleic acid50%
  • Oleic acid23%
  • Palmitic acid19%
  • Stearic acid3%

 The Amaranth oil is highly in demand for cooking, medicines, skincare, hair care basically, it is a top to toe beneficial oil.

Let’s Know the Secrets of Amaranth Oil:

Amaranth is a powerhouse of multivitamins. It has ample health and beauty benefits. Its available in both seeds and oil format. However, oils are the easiest way of consuming or using amaranth oil.

The Inner Beauty does Matter

Just like our outer beauty, it’s essential to consider beauty from the inside. Using amaranth oil is 100% efficient for application on our skin and hair. But the question arrives, is it safe to consume? Yes, amaranth oil is safe and highly beneficial for consumption. Its power pack of vitamins. And can help you beautify and repair your skin and hair from inside.

 A human body requires lysine for healthy skin and hair. However, our bodies cannot produce it on its own. Amaranth oil consists of lysine content. Adding amaranth oil to our lives can give us healthy gut and digestive systems. Its can be used as an alternative for olive oil for cooking, dressing, or in smoothies.

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Find a New Best Friend for Your Skin

Hydration and nourishment are the major elements of your skin. And, amaranth oil is a natural, organic, and trustworthy friend for your skin. We all know how important it is to apply oil on our skin, but we hate it. However, it’s backed with genuine reasons. The sticky layer of oil that doesn’t penetrate your skin and leaves a stain on your clothes.

 Don’t worry much about all these problems. Amaranth oil has the same lipid product as our natural skin. It makes the oil absorb within seconds of application. Making oil application on our skin hassle-free. It is an anti-inflammatory, non-comedogenic, and antioxidant-rich oil. By adding this oil to your skincare routine, you can say goodbye to many problems: fine lines, wrinkles, aging, etc.

Understand Your Skin in a Better Way with Some Amazing D.I.Y

We are all spoilt with enough choices in the market. But don’t you think it’s amazing to know your skin and pamper it in your own way. Special care would always give unbelievable results. All these extra efforts do count as all these D.I.Y are chemical-free organic, and natural. Amaranth oil has a popular agent of antiwrinkle. And, some of the best cosmetic masks can be prepared easily with it.

Trending Clay mask: facing problems with enlarged pores or soreness. Let me solve your issue with just three ingredients. Take any clay as per your preference and dilute it to the creamy texture. Add half spoon of Amaranth oil and any essential oil you love. Here’s your D.I.Y mask with uncountable benefits. Please keep it for 30 mins and rinse off.

Bean Mask: 100% natural Mask. White beans make the base for this mask. Boil the beans and mash them. Add a teaspoon of amaranth oil and milk. Here’s your nourishing mask ready within minutes. Leave it for 15 mins.

Let Your Hair Dance with the Flow.

Healthy and gorgeous hair is a dream in today’s world filled with pollution. Again, we have ample choice in the market, from saloon treatments to branded products. But all these have a chemical base, which leads to further damage to your hair. A few drops of amaranth oil help stimulate and strengthen your hair. It will speed up the process of hair growth. Amaranth oil has lysine and amino acid, which will reduce breakage. It nourishes and treats your scalp and can release stress.

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