Understand the Various Types of Tyres

The automotive market is a never-ending business sector. Today the entire world depends on vehicles for transportation. However, we have two modes of transportation public and private. And the demand for both the sector is increasing at a constant phase. As the population is growing along with demand for a good lifestyle. In the global automotive market, we have ample choices for vehicles depending on our financial statement, demand etc. When discussing about the vehicles, one of the significant factors everyone focuses on is the vehicles’ tyres. As it’s the only part that runs on a machine and has direct contact with the road’s surface. And most importantly, the entire weight of the vehicle comes on the tires. 

Why is the tyres of a vehicle one of the critical factors? Like a good engine is must for a smooth vehicle the same way tyres play a vital part. Tyres are connected to the braking system. Which ultimately means our safety and comfort both depends on the quality. Tyres are responsible for overall control of the vehicle from the grip, acceleration, turns and brakes. Worn-out tyres can be the cause of accidents. So it’s very much significant to know and understand your tyre’s working and selecting the right tire according to your usage. So here we have tried covering five significant types of vehicle tires from the global tyre market for better and in-depth understanding.

Some of the Leading global tyre Market companies:

Groupe Michelin France
Goodyear Tire & Rubber
Continental AG Germany
Pirelli & C.S.p.A
Sumitomo Rubber Industries
The Hankook Tire
Yokohama Rubber Company
Cheng Shin Rubber Industry
Zhongce rubber group
Madras Rubber Factory

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5 Major Types of Tyres:

Tubeless Tyre

At present, in the global tyre market, the tubeless tyres are on high demand. As the name itself says, there is no separate inner tube-like other tyres. Here in tubeless tyres, it has continuous ribs that seal the air inside the tyre and the rim. However, they are costlier compared to all other types of tyres. But it’s a worth investing offer as there are many advantages. There is no tube inside the tyre, no friction can occur, leading to the tyre’s longer life. And the risk of loss of control also reduces as there is zero to no chance of deflation of the tubeless tyre.

All-Terrain Tyre

These tires are perfect for all conditions, from off-road to on-road. They perfectly work on snow, mud, water, etc. All-terrain tyres have a versatile design giving them a bold look. Usually, these tires are used for four-wheel drives as it is perfect for SUVs, trucks, etc. All-terrain tyres are large in size compared to other tires.

Performance Tyre

These tyres are used for high efficient performances. Hence it’s highly in use for sports cars. Usually, the people who tend to have excellent performance for their vehicles go with performance tyres. It helps in speeding up the car. It provides good control over the vehicle on the road. These tires are classified on the speed base level as follows:

  • Standard performance.
  • High performance.
  • Ultra-high performance.

Based on once requirement, they can opt for the performance tyres. 

Radial Tyre

Radial tyres are known for its high fuel mileage. It has a cord extension at 90 degrees, and its connection is at the centerline. Radical tires basically have a different mechanism of working. They have equal pressure distribution along with less soil penetration. 

Three best part about radial tyre:

  • Stability.
  • Zero to no puncture.
  • Traction control.

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