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What is a Palletizing Machine and its Types?

A machine that helps sort, organize, transfer and stake things into a particular pattern through the automatic working system is known as a palletizing machine. It is usually seen in large industries wherein post-manufacturing works take place. Palletizing machine is the most convenient and efficient way of packing things with zero to no error. It can handle large loads, a high volume of shipping, precise organizing, and great operating speed. But was this invention of the palletizing machine required? Manually organizing, transferring and staking goods is a time consuming and labour oriented work. For this whole process, the expense will increase, and the operating speed will decrease. Hence a company named Lamson Corp invented and installed the first palletizing machine in 1948.

Following this, in 1950 a new row forming mechanism was added to the palletizing machine. The combination of both these machines and mechanism came up with a fully automated palletizing machine. Today in this 21st century due to technological development, we have many varieties in the global palletizing machine market. Nowadays, these machines can also be customized according to the needs of the industries. Palletizers plays a vital role in many industries like wood, paper, bottles, metal, food and beverages. These machines have a good amount of contribution toward packaging and organizing part of the industries sector through this blog lets understand the various types of palletizing machines in detail.

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Types of Palletizing Machines in the Global Market:

Level Based Palletizers

In the palletizer market, we have two levels of the palletizing machine.

  • Low-level palletizer
  • High-level palletizer

Both these machines have the same working mechanism of receiving the product and organizing it. The only difference is low-level palletizer works on a ground-level production. And the high-level palletizer works on above level production. In the end, the product is received on the pallets, and the sorting and staking procedure takes place, which is common for both. One can opt for automatic or semi-automatic systems based on their needs. 

In-Line Palletizers

A system that is used for the last process of palletizing for completing the stack is called In-line systems. This system helps complete organizing the goods into bags or cartons at one time. In-line palletizers can be further classified into two:

  • Row stripper palletizers: a procedure wherein rows are organized using an in-line row stripper palletizer pushes it’s completed slot to the side until another row forms. This way, complete rows of the stack are made, and this system of working is known as row stripper palletizer. It stacks row on top of the row until a pallet is complete.  
  • Vacuum head palletizers: in-line vacuum head palletizer is a unit that grabs and holds onto items organizing them into an air-powered suction cups. 

Both these systems are highly used in the packaging system of palletizing.

Bags Palletizing

Manual stacking of loads is one of the most difficult and risky jobs in any industry. A study said that the manual process injures the labour, and it also has a long term effect on their body parts due to the heavyweight. Keeping this process in mind bag palletizing mechanism was designed for efficient working along with increased production rate and quality by reducing the risk of employee injuries. Bags palletizing machines enable the industry to increase their production as the post-production process fasten up. It has the capacity of stacking 3000 plus bags in an hour, and these speeds can be further increased by just adding some robotic mechanism to the bag palletizer. In the global palletizing machine market one can get a bag palletizing machine according to their need.

Robotic Palletizing

A hydraulic robotic arm between two processes of a pallet dispenser and pallet conveyor is the robotic palletizer mechanism. In the market, you have two robotic palletizer option fully automatic or semi-automatic. This machine carries out the procedure of lifting the product from the machine and organizing it neatly. However, even this robotic machines picks one product at a time but is still faster than any manual stacking function.

Before investing in a palletizing machine, it’s better to understand your particular industry’s need and the various types of palletizing machine available in the global market for better decision-making. Hope this blog helped you understand the basic gest of palletizing machine market and its types.

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