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The delight of hearing about age reversal a success in mice rang a bell in everyone’s mind. Especially women started dreaming of themselves as a 25-yr-old dainty lady.

We all know ageing is a natural process and it affects the overall system. This natural process is common for men and women that begins earlier in life. The reasons are plenty but the effect is the same AGING! Exposure to pollution, changes in lifestyle and our natural surroundings all contribute to the process of ageing. The only organ that bears the worst impact is the skin developing prominently visible changes. One can easily spot baggy eyes, dark circles, wrinkles, and pigmentation, etc.

An investment in your skin will always yield greater returns. Proactive skincare is one of the best remedies. In terms of protecting your skin, hydration, a balanced diet, and cell rejuvenation are of major concern.

Ageing can never be stunned or stopped. However, we can protect and look after our skin to prevent the damage caused by the process of ageing.

Is Ageing visible?    

When you were in your mid-twenties you must have noticed the onset of ageing. The first layer of our skin consists of cells that get affected by our natural surroundings. The earlier damage is brought about by the Sun and its harmful UV rays. Following the cell damage, dark patches occur due to pigmentation.

Choosing Anti-Ageing Products

One for all: you are spoiled with options choosing the right option becomes difficult. Using various anti-ageing products together will bother your skin. When your skin is disturbed indicators of ageing become visibly clear. 

Strong smell means strong chemicals: if a product has a strange smell then stop using that product or consult a dermatologist before its use. It can cause itching or tingling sensation leading to skin breakouts and acne. Some anti-ageing products cause some irritation initially hence it is recommended to always consult a dermatologist. 

Read instructions:  all products in the market have instructions imprinted on the product. If the directions are not carefully followed it can cause skin irritation. This will open up pores and mess with your skin making it unreasonably dry. Always take a few minutes to read the description or directions before application. 

Be patient and regular: acts of haste never bring in sweet fruits, for a positive result from a skincare product we need to be patient. Different products used for various outcomes deliver diverse results. A fairness cream won’t perform similar to an anti-ageing product it takes a month or two to work.

Tanning vs Melanin: artificial tanning or exposing your skin to the Sun on purpose may lead to skin cancer. Tanning does not lead to increased production of melanin. The body is self-regulatory and acts on its own to produce melanin and protect the skin. It further promotes untimely wrinkles, age spots, and other undesirable indications of maturing. 

Myths about anti-ageing are more than actual facts. Read the information you trust and act accordingly. Different anti-ageing products act differently for different skin types. Choose wisely.

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