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Why do we Exchange Wedding ring at Wedding Ceremony?

Wedding is an auspicious occasion wherein two people get united and starts there life together. The celebration of a wedding worldwide differs based on their culture, traditions, values, religion, financial statements, ethnic groups etc. But each and every wedding tradition has a ring exchange ceremony. So, let us know how this tradition was started and what is the secret message behind it? Ancient Egyptians are the one with the most age-old traditions and cultures. Their pyramids and historical artefacts are still one of the most beautiful depictions of their complex rituals. The wedding ring concept was brought in as an ancient Egyptian culture nearly around the year 3000 BC. The concept or belief behind exchanging a wedding ring is that a ring is a circle which symbolizes eternity.  Initially, it was only given to the bride by the groom, but as time passed, it became a symbol of love.

In today’s world, the ring ceremony is altogether a different celebration of a wedding cermony. In the Egyptian cultures, they used organic materials for creating the ring; however, it would wear out within days or weeks. Hence, there was a demand for more durable and long-lasting material which led to the inventions of bone rings, leather and the present Global Wedding Ring Market. The ancient Romans were the one who started using gold as a material for rings.  In the present global wedding ring market, we have various options based on styles, carets, grams, and the highly demanded materials are Platinum wedding ring, Gold wedding ring, Diamond wedding ring, and rose gold rings. And on a regional base, the demand for global wedding ring market is high in the USA, Europe, Japan, China, India, South East Asia.

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4 Tips for Selecting Your Perfect Wedding Ring:

Wedding is a one-time experience, and each and everyone wants to make there wedding one of the most beautiful days of there life. However, its not an easy task as a lot of expenditure is expected when we talk about a wedding. The venue, dress, jewellery, decorations, guest management, food and beverages, hotels, stays, travel, wedding rings, rituals etc. Basically, it’s a long process which differs based on your religion and culture. Hence its very much important to have a proper plan of finance before stepping into anything. Clear your decision before selecting a wedding ring.

Clear Vision

In the global wedding ring market, we have ample choice be it on materials, designs, styles, grams or crates. Making a decision after going to the jewellery shop will be a difficult task. Hence its always better to have a clear vision of what kind of wedding ring you wish to have or even a rough idea would work. As it will help you in easy decision making.


Finance do play a vital role as a wedding is an occasion filled with expenditure. Hence its better to have a proper budget set for your wedding ring based on your financial situation. It will help you decide your ring faster and keep you on track as you are clear on how much to spend.


Do give time to yourself before finalizing on a ring as said earlier wedding is a onetime experience. To make it an amazing part of memory, you just need everything to be perfect. Do visit various jewellery shops or online portals for getting your perfect ring.


According to your wish, if you are thinking of customizing your wedding ring, make sure to give a proper measurement. Either give them a sample ring or measure it right at the shop. Wedding ring size does matter as while exchanging ring it would be an embarrassing feeling if the ring doesn’t fit right.

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